Friday, April 27, 2012

7 layer dip

Who doesn't love a seven layer dip? No one thats who. I decided to make a huge batch for our housewarming party over the weekend, and thought I would share because it looked so pretty.

First - if you didn't already know this - you can use your cake pedestal upside down as a serving bowl for punch or in this case, dips. SERIOUSLY, how awesome is that?


1 large 28oz cans refried beans
1 packet taco seasoning
1 tub sour cream ( I used jalapeno sour cream dip)
8 ripe avocados
1 small jar, or about 1 cup of fresh salsa
3 roma tomatoes
1 small package mexican cheese blend
1 small can black sliced olives
2 green onion
1 jalapeno
juice of one lime


Take your can of refried beans, spoon into dip bowl and stir in about half the packet of taco seasoning. Smooth into an even layer.
Take your sour cream and layer on top of beans - if using plain mix in rest of taco seasoning

Make your guacamole:
Mash 8 avocados
add a good pinch of salt
squeeze in the juice of 1 lime
chop on roma tomato finely
chop 1 seeded jalapeno
Mix well.

Add guacamole on top of sour cream and smooth out.
Next, add your salsa.
Then sprinkle on your cheese mixture.
Then top with rest of chopped up roma tomatoes, olives and chopped green onion.

I think this is technically 8 ingredients, or layers, but who is counting right?

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