Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rustic Burlap Wreath

DIY Rustic Burlap Wreath

I saw a wreath like this on Etsy not long back, I thought it would look really pretty displayed somewhere at my wedding, but the lady wanted like $40 dollars for it - and knowing that she maybe spent $12 in materials, that I pretty much already had on hand, I decided to make it myself.

A grapevine wreath, of a size you desire - Mine was about $8
jute twine - already owned, but an entire spool is a couple bucks
3 burlap flowers - purchased at Hobby Lobby - $3 each
Lace ribbon - already owned, but a few bucks at most for an entire roll
Burlap ribbon - already owned, again a few bucks and a lot of ribbon
Pearl "gemstones" from scrap-booking department - $3 for an entire sheet
Hot glue gun


Wrap several strands around one side of the wreath.

On the adjacent side, wrap a few layers of lace ribbon, and secure with hot glue.

Then arrange your burlap flowers over the lace, but still allowing some of it to show through. Hot glue the flowers to the lace.

Next, take your burlap ribbon - mine had a thin wire on the edges of it - to aid it holding in place, and bend into what will make several "leaves"

Postion them around the flowers.

Affix the top of the wreath with several strands of jute twine, and make a large loop for your wreath to hang from.

 I bought these small half circular beads, the resemble pearls, in the scrap-book section of Hobby Lobby, they worked perfectly.

Hot glue the pearls in the center of the flowers, I used three in each to add some flair.


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